Top Promotional Uses for Video Within Small And Large Business

If you’re a business with an online presence, then video production is something you should very much consider using as a way to not only brand but generate much more online and foot traffic to your business.

Top Promotional Uses for Video Within Small And Large Business

There are tons of great uses for a well-edited video with high production values and if you create something that looks professional and that pulls at the right emotional strings then this can in fact elevate your brand to whole new levels.

So how might you go about utilizing a video to promote a business?

Here are a few options…

Create A Video For Your Homepage

A video on your company’s homepage can often provide the perfect tool for describing what it is you do/sell and for engaging your audience. The most important thing for any company to think about with a homepage is whether it effectively communicates what the business is about.

If you can do this with a video, then you will prevent people from leaving your page and you will stand a much better chance of making a sale early on.

Run a Vlog

Content marketing is generally considered to be one of the very best tools for promoting a website. Not only does this give you plenty of opportunity to create in-roads to your site but it also gives you the chance to increase your authority.

Having a vlog (video blog) on YouTube will allow you to develop fans and followers and to thereby drastically increase your exposure on the net. All you need to do is start adding video to your blog.

Create An Advert

You can also use video production to create an advert. You can then either pay a website or blog to publish said video for their audience, or you can use it on Facebook or post it on social media to get word out about your product.

Sales Video

Have you ever been to one of those landing pages that are designed entirely to sell a product such as a course or an e-book?

These sites will often utilize a video explaining the merits of the product and telling the creator’s story and they can be a highly engaging way to sell.


Another option is to make an instructional video for your product. This has the double benefit of being useful to promote your product to an audience that may not have heard of it and at the same time enhancing the experience for those customers that have already bought your product or hired your service.

Of course there are many more options too, so let your imagination go wild!


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