Seniors and The Good The Bad And Ugly About Reverse Mortgages

For generations it has been true that the older folks in communities around the country often have the toughest time making ends meet.


Even though many of these seniors enjoy living in attractive homes they have taken pride in for years, they find it difficult to get by on a fixed income, as expenses and taxes continue to skyrocket. For those who not only have a lovely home but who also have a lot of equity in it, a reverse home mortgage might be considered, which can help those over 62 enjoy the use of some of that home equity. Continue reading

Top Promotional Uses for Video Within Small And Large Business

If you’re a business with an online presence, then video production is something you should very much consider using as a way to not only brand but generate much more online and foot traffic to your business.

Top Promotional Uses for Video Within Small And Large Business

There are tons of great uses for a well-edited video with high production values and if you create something that looks professional and that pulls at the right emotional strings then this can in fact elevate your brand to whole new levels. Continue reading

The Positive Impact YouTube Had On This Internet Business

This is a great article that everyone should read about the positive impact having a YouTube channel can have on your business. It’s a little bit of work to get started but well worth it at the end of the day.

Youtube Lifetime Views

How YouTube Helped To Build My Online Business

How YouTube Launched My Business To New Heights

I had be hearing more and more about video marketing and how it was engaging more and more people and making it much easier to convert visitors to actual sales.

My biggest problem however was who to believe every man and his dog were making huge claims about how you can do this and that and make heaps of money, but of course you needed to buy their program first.

I decided to go it alone and do what I thought was the best thing, which was to firstly set up a YouTube channel for my business and then start creating the videos to publish.

Continue reading

12 Hacks to Keep Visitors on Your Pages Longer

12 Hacks to Keep Visitors on Your Pages Longer

Conventional wisdom suggests that a “good” bounce rate (aka, the number of visitors who check out a single page on your site and then leave) falls between 30 to 50 percent. But if you ask me, anything over 25 to 30 percent represents an opportunity to reach more potential customers through the implementation of design and user-experience hacks that keep visitors on your pages longer.

Here are 12 to start with today:

1. Declutter your design.

This isn’t 1996. Geocities is dead. So if your site is still packed full of animated images, excess design features and other modern no-no’s, it’s time for a redesign. According to Tony Haile, the CEO of Chartbeat, you have just 15 seconds (or less) to convince new visitors to stay through the power of your site’s design alone.

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2. Cut your number of fonts.

One immediate signal to readers that your site — and, by extension, your company — is out-of-date? The number of fonts you’ve used. If you’ve got more than two or three on your homepage, trim them down to create a more modern look.

3. Try a larger font size.

On a related note, the size of your fonts may also be affecting your site’s “stickiness.” An article published in Smashing Magazine suggests that anything less than 16 pixels could impair your site’s readability.

4. Apply visual breaks to your content.

Font size is important but big blocks of unbroken text are unacceptable in any circumstance. Quickly improve your site’s readability by adding headings, sub headings, bulleted lists and numbered lists to break your content into easily-digested segments.

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